Oh boy, this is the big one. Dunno how i'll format this, but this is basically where i'll list and talk about my current interests or hyperfixations!

My current hyperfixations include old horror movies and space. my dream is to either work with animals or have a job related to space, so the space hyperfixation is fitting, especially since i started playing kerbal space program again. i also love talking about ornithology and falconry, which i guess go hand in hand.

My love for space really lifted off when i saw the apollo 11 command module in person at the national air and space museum in DC. something about it inspired me, the thought of discovering something or just the thought of walking on a distant planet makes me tear up; its onw of my greatest passions.

In fact, im studying and thinking about going to school so i can learn more about the engineering that goes into the telescopes, satellites, rockets, etc. that go into space. its so fascinating to me.

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