Welcome to my journal!

This is where i'll record some of my thoughts sometimes! Please keep in mind nothing is off limits here; there might be some triggering topics! i'll try to ad cws and tws when i can, but keep in mind i might forget :)


custom domain!!!!!!!!!

so exciting! atually got a cute one for pretty cheap. never thought about using the .fun domain but its pretty cute! work is actually okay nowadays??? weird. anyways! im still working on the video script <3 maybe i'll get to it soon!


So i havent updated in a while. Well, ive been busy. work, mostly.i got a new physical journal though, and ordered some cute astrology themed stuff to decorate it. i might theme it around my studies and what i learn in said studies. I'm also making a liminal space video, yay! even though i have shit mic quality, but hey, im feuled by passion.

1/10/23 + 1/11/23

So my life went to shit! We're down to one vehicle so my schedule is fucked. my parents probably aren't gonna let me go to az unless i just go, so thats stressful! this fucking sucks LOL

manifesting though. maybe when i do my taxes? idfk. and now i have to deal with insurance and shit. itll be worth it since ill be able to drive, but idk. im just nervous. my dad will help but im still nervous as fuck. im just scared


So! progress has been made on the site! a LOT of progress! i love how it turned out, but now it's time for the worst part; different resolutions. and i have work tomorrow, but it's not too bad. at least i'm not closing with my weirdo manager who fucking hates me haha. this site is a good distraction from my real life, and some other super personal stuff. i get to talk about my interests with no one to judge me or anything. i love it

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